English speaking countries

  • United States (US) 

Composed of 50 states and a population of about 316 million people, the US is 2,959,064 square miles large. Alaska, separated from the rest of the United States by Canada, is the largest state at 663,268 square miles  list of the 50 states: 
  1. Alabama
  2. Alaska 
  3. Arizona 
  4. Arkansas 
  5. California
  6.  Colorado 
  7. Connecticut 
  8. Delaware 
  9. Florida 
  10. Georgia 
  11. Hawaii 
  12. Idaho 
  13. Illinois 
  14. Indiana 
  15. Iowa 
  16. Kansas 
  17. Kentucky 
  18. Louisiana 
  19. Maine 
  20. Maryland 
  21. Massachusetts 
  22. Michigan 
  23. Minnesota 
  24. Mississippi 
  25. Missouri 
  26. Montana 
  27. Nebraska
  28. Nevada 
  29. New Hampshire 
  30. New Jersey 
  31. New Mexico 
  32. New York 
  33. North Carolina 
  34. North Dakota 
  35. Ohio 
  36. Oklahoma 
  37. Oregon 
  38. Pennsylvania 
  39. Rhode Island 
  40. South Carolina 
  41. South Dakota         
  42. Tennessee 
  43. Texas 
  44. Utah 
  45. Vermont  
  46. Virginia 
  47. Washington 
  48. West Virginia 
  49. Wisconsin 
  50. Wyoming
The capital is Washington DC.
Christianity is by far the most common religion practiced in the U.S., but other religions are respected to. 
The most popular team sports in the US are American football, baseball, basketball and ice hockey.
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  • United Kingdom
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      It's located to the north-west of continental Europe. It's made up of the Island of Great Britain (which includes England, Scotland, and Wales) and Northern Ireland. The United Kingdom is surrounded by; the Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea, the Irish Sea and the English Channel. The Capital of the United Kingdom is London, which is also found as the largest city there. (Their currency is in Pounds and Sterlings) The population counts about 63 milion people, while the area is 93.635 square miles (242,514 square kilometers)
      The British were once made of invaders and migrants, such as Celts, Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, and Normans. In 1950-1960 people came to the United Kingdom from the Caribean, Africa and Asia to work there.
      Lot's of famous sports were invented in Britain- like soccer, rugby, cricket and golf! There have also been plenty of well knowen writers who are from The United Kingdom (William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Robert Burns, J.K. Rowling) 

      • Ireland 
      Ireland is an island in the North Atlantic. The Republic of Ireland occupies about 83% of the island of Ireland (Northern Island- the other 17% is part of the United Kingdom) Irish, or Irish Gaelic is the country's official language, but English is more common, even if it's the second official language. (Their currency is in Euro) The population of Ireland is about 4,75 milion. 
      Their capital is Dublin. The whole island is about 70,273 square kilomiters (27,133 square miles) large. 
      The Shamrock (type of clover) is the national symbol of Ireland and along with the harp it is a registered trademark of the country.
      When it comes to sports, there are all-island play offs in games such as hurling, Gaelic football, rugby, golf, cricket, and hockey. 

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      Obraz znaleziony dla: ireland maps
      Obraz znaleziony dla: ireland mapsObraz znaleziony dla: ireland mapsObraz znaleziony dla: ireland maps

      Obraz znaleziony dla: ireland map

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